Shabby Chic – The Vintage House Event Venue

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I was invited to a baby shower the other day. No kids were invited, because there were too many things that could be broken in the house. I was disappointed, wanting to see everyone’s kids. Until I got there. The house was decorated in shabby chic, or you might call it cottage style, and I could see that, yes, it would be a disaster if the kids got rowdy.

Vintage House Event Venue

However you refer to it, the house was amazing. Every inch, both inside and out, was decorated in the cutest way. I took hundreds of pictures, so I will break them down by room or area. I didn’t have my “good” camera with me, only my cell phone, so some of the pictures aren’t the greatest quality, and I apologize for that. But hopefully, you can still see how cute this house is!

Vintage House

This is the front entrance to Vintage House. Let’s take a closer look at the front porch. Colorful and quaint, with so many treasures inside.

Front Door Flowers

The front door is painted a bold pink, with a basket full of daisies attached to it.

Mailbox and Light

To the right of the door is the mailbox, also decorated in daises and various flowers and greenery. And an old, patina-covered cow-bell, most likely to be used as a doorbell.

Porch Seat

To the left is a comfy seat, with patriotic pillows, sheer curtains behind, another basket of flowers hung from a white shuttered backdrop, a birdcage hanging from the top porch rail, and scrolled wood molding in the corner of the lower porch rail.

Porch Table and Chairs
On the right side of the porch is a table and chairs, again with the patriotic red, white, and blue theme. The wicker chairs were painted white, the shutter is painted blue, and the flowered tablecloth has red in it. Plus the little flags in the vase on the table top. There are sheers behind the seating area and another wood scroll in the corner of the porch railing. What a nice place to sit with friends and watch the world go by!

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